Friday, August 28, 2009

Domenica Davis Sexy Weather Babe

You've gotta love Domenica Davis, who frequently is described by many fans as "cute". I'll take it a step further, Domenica's sexy in my book. She may not be a Fox News womens anchor, but she's a hot weather babe and that's good enough for me! Ms. Davis loves delivering our weather reports, and we love it when she tells us there's a "warm front down south which could get wet". Domenica is a petite yet shapely young lady and easy on the eyes when she points out the country's weather on the map. Sometimes she sits on the couch with the other Fox & Friends crew or even participates in various outdoor segments, showing off more of that hot body.

domenica davis fox news weather girl
(Domenica alerts us of a warm front down south)

Not a lot is known about the sexy Domenica Davis, although her Fox bio clues us in she joined Fox News channel in April 2007, is a graduate of Boston University (BS in Broadcast Journalism) and has a Meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. She's done previous work with NBC affiliates in Baltimore, MD and Louisville, KY. Fox was smart to sign this talented young hot lady to their channel as you can see from her pics on the couch as she shows off those lovely legs in a short, tight black skirt with heels! Lucky co-host Dave Briggs that had Domenica cuddling up to him in the leggy pics below!

We are unsure of Domenica Davis' age because we couldn't find her official wiki bio page online. Let's assume she's like 19-21 just for fun. Someone needs to get on that immediately (her bio). We did find a Domenica Davis Facebook fan club though, if you want to join (they encourage no creepy pervs).

Enjoy the nice photos below where Domenica displays a couple of her assets on the set of Fox and Friends....

Domenica Davis Legs

domenica davis sexy legs fox and friends

domenica davis legs

Check out the video footage here (and we have no idea why Courtney Friel was wearing pants, shame on her!) It's easy to imagine Ms. Davis eventually breaking out a bikini swimsuit pic or two, just like her co-worker Julie Banderas' bikini pics!

Domenica Davis Mic Check Video

In the above video, Domenica had a slight mishap where her microphone fell down into her blouse. She seemed a bit humiliated by the incident. Poor thing, anyone want to volunteer to help her with that downblouse issue? It might take some work, those mics are small and easy to lose!

She also did some figure skating here in a cute little figure skater outfit. Watch when Domenica falls flat on the ice yet still makes it fun by pretending to do some swimming by waving her arms and opening her legs back and forth. Nice moves Domenica!

(Image sources: Cody of, & YouTube)

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