Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Julie Banderas Bikini Girl Reporter

(Is Julie Banderas too sexy for TV?)

Pictured above is the incredibly hot Fox News women anchor, Julie Banderas who can be seen regularly on Fox News Channel. Ms. Banderas has attitude, wit, and an amazing sex appeal that radiates through her dealing with the various news stories and headlines. Not to mention Julie Banderas legs are some of the sexiest on the channel, and this news babe has plenty of male viewers tuning in to her shows. She's been a favorite guest on Red Eye w/Greg Gutfield as well, and we're anxiously awaiting her on an Abs News segment...Heck, Courtney Friel, Diana Falzone and Shira Lazar were down with it, let's go Julie!

In the pic below Julie posted on her Twitter account, she was spending some time at the beach with her dog and rockin' a bit of a bikini!

julie banderas bikini

Here's another bikini shot of Julie soaking up some sun while chilling in a pool, and hanging with her hubby..She's got some great pics uploaded to her Twitpic account including shots from her wedding (sorry she is married), and even pics of her competing in a marathon. Now we see how Julie keeps her body in such fantastic shape!

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