Thursday, August 20, 2009

Martha MacCallum Bikini Swimsuit Pics - We Wish!

martha maccallum swimsuit bikini fox news anchor
Wouldn't it be great if there were some online Martha MacCallum bikini swimsuit pics, showing off that sexy body. She could have just emerged from a dip in the ocean, or be tanning herself on the beach or elsewhere. It could be a thong bikini, black, red, blue any color, just as long as it gave us Martha fans some more sexy, beauty to behold in the form of her shapely body, with a clinging bikini swimsuit....POOF!

Anyways back to reality, Martha MacCallum aka "Martha Mac" is definitely one hot MILF women news anchor on the Fox News channel. The bluish-eyed blond Martha captivates male viewers with her sexy legs and amazing body as she delivers the headlines and news stories. Just in her prime, Martha was born back in 1964 in Wyckoff, New Jersey. The leggy Martha MacCallum co-hosts “The Live Desk” on Fox News Channel usually during mid-day. Martha joined Fox News in 2004, and did work on CNBC Morning Call as well. No matter where she goes, she still gives us hot images on the TV screen.

She also does some work as a fill-in guest host on the Mike & Juliet show, filling in when Juliet Huddy is out. No offense to Juliet but I actually love those days because Martha isn't shy about wearing short sexy skirts to show off her legs and sometimes her feet. (Note: Mike & Juliet's show was canceled earlier in the year, but reruns will continue to be shown through 2009)

Here's some of my favorite Martha MacCallum pictures showing her legs, booty and bust. Yes Martha is the total package with a winning smile and pretty face like no other...Now let's hope that some of those mouthwatering, sexy Martha MacCallum bikini swimsuit pics show up online soon!

martha maccallum breasts tight sweater

martha maccallum breasts tight sweater 2
(Martha's tight brown sweater shows bra, hugs breasts)

martha maccallum white pants booty butt pic
(Martha shows off her booty in tight white pants)

martha maccallum upskirt
(Martha's upskirt on Mike & Juliet Show)

As you can see Martha MacCallum is booty-ful from all angles...

Bonus: Here's a shot of Martha and sexy Julie Banderas who has a few bikini pics showing off some leg on Fox News!

julie banderas and martha maccallum

See more of your favorite sexy pics!


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