Monday, September 28, 2009

Martha MacCallum is Hot in America's Newsroom!

While it's sad to not see one Fox News babe's absence on America's Newsroom due to the recent Megyn Kelly baby delivery, something good has come of her time off... Her replacement, Martha MacCallum is hot as the current fill-in in the studio for Ms. Kelly. It appears she just might be Megyn's substitute co-host with Bill Hemmer while Megyn is resting with her new bundle of joy at home. Take your time Megyn, and no offense to her at all, but I'm a big time Martha MacCallum fan.

It's weird too, Martha was just another female anchor to me while she was over doing stocks and business news on CNBC. Nothing too striking or special. As soon as she moves to Fox News it's like BAM! she's instantly full of sex appeal and is a bona fide hot news anchor! Must be something in the water there at Fox News, or they use some special magic on them once they walk through the door there.

Martha MacCallum's got that sexy something that's hard to overlook. She's got the pretty face, bangin' body, soft golden hair, great legs and overall sexy frame. Unfortunately for us male admirers, she's also married, but hey we'll get to enjoy seeing her sexy legs next to Bill Hemmer in the America's Newsroom co-host spot!

Enjoy a few pics below from today, 9/28/09 of America's Newsroom where Martha MacCallum is dressed in a sexy checkered tight skirt with some CFM heels to show off those lovely legs!

martha maccallum is hot pic 1

martha maccallum is hot pic 2

So Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum is hot now, but was she always, or did she undergo a sexy transformation? She probably was a bit chubbier back on CNBC or wore less sexy outfits. Or we just didn't notice her as much due to her being behind the desk, whereas Fox lets her display that toned, sexy body. Wonder whether Martha does Pilates, Yoga stretches, jogging or what for her fitness routines? While her legs look good her arms are certainly strong and toned looking in the screen caps too!

We can now look forward to more Martha on Fox News....At least it seems that way so far!

(Images from: Wide World of Women)

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