Friday, August 28, 2009

Domenica Davis Sexy Weather Babe

You've gotta love Domenica Davis, who frequently is described by many fans as "cute". I'll take it a step further, Domenica's sexy in my book. She may not be a Fox News womens anchor, but she's a hot weather babe and that's good enough for me! Ms. Davis loves delivering our weather reports, and we love it when she tells us there's a "warm front down south which could get wet". Domenica is a petite yet shapely young lady and easy on the eyes when she points out the country's weather on the map. Sometimes she sits on the couch with the other Fox & Friends crew or even participates in various outdoor segments, showing off more of that hot body.

domenica davis fox news weather girl
(Domenica alerts us of a warm front down south)

Not a lot is known about the sexy Domenica Davis, although her Fox bio clues us in she joined Fox News channel in April 2007, is a graduate of Boston University (BS in Broadcast Journalism) and has a Meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. She's done previous work with NBC affiliates in Baltimore, MD and Louisville, KY. Fox was smart to sign this talented young hot lady to their channel as you can see from her pics on the couch as she shows off those lovely legs in a short, tight black skirt with heels! Lucky co-host Dave Briggs that had Domenica cuddling up to him in the leggy pics below!

We are unsure of Domenica Davis' age because we couldn't find her official wiki bio page online. Let's assume she's like 19-21 just for fun. Someone needs to get on that immediately (her bio). We did find a Domenica Davis Facebook fan club though, if you want to join (they encourage no creepy pervs).

Enjoy the nice photos below where Domenica displays a couple of her assets on the set of Fox and Friends....

Domenica Davis Legs

domenica davis sexy legs fox and friends

domenica davis legs

Check out the video footage here (and we have no idea why Courtney Friel was wearing pants, shame on her!) It's easy to imagine Ms. Davis eventually breaking out a bikini swimsuit pic or two, just like her co-worker Julie Banderas' bikini pics!

Domenica Davis Mic Check Video

In the above video, Domenica had a slight mishap where her microphone fell down into her blouse. She seemed a bit humiliated by the incident. Poor thing, anyone want to volunteer to help her with that downblouse issue? It might take some work, those mics are small and easy to lose!

She also did some figure skating here in a cute little figure skater outfit. Watch when Domenica falls flat on the ice yet still makes it fun by pretending to do some swimming by waving her arms and opening her legs back and forth. Nice moves Domenica!

(Image sources: Cody of, & YouTube)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Julie Banderas Bikini Girl Reporter

(Is Julie Banderas too sexy for TV?)

Pictured above is the incredibly hot Fox News women anchor, Julie Banderas who can be seen regularly on Fox News Channel. Ms. Banderas has attitude, wit, and an amazing sex appeal that radiates through her dealing with the various news stories and headlines. Not to mention Julie Banderas legs are some of the sexiest on the channel, and this news babe has plenty of male viewers tuning in to her shows. She's been a favorite guest on Red Eye w/Greg Gutfield as well, and we're anxiously awaiting her on an Abs News segment...Heck, Courtney Friel, Diana Falzone and Shira Lazar were down with it, let's go Julie!

In the pic below Julie posted on her Twitter account, she was spending some time at the beach with her dog and rockin' a bit of a bikini!

julie banderas bikini

Here's another bikini shot of Julie soaking up some sun while chilling in a pool, and hanging with her hubby..She's got some great pics uploaded to her Twitpic account including shots from her wedding (sorry she is married), and even pics of her competing in a marathon. Now we see how Julie keeps her body in such fantastic shape!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Martha MacCallum Bikini Swimsuit Pics - We Wish!

martha maccallum swimsuit bikini fox news anchor
Wouldn't it be great if there were some online Martha MacCallum bikini swimsuit pics, showing off that sexy body. She could have just emerged from a dip in the ocean, or be tanning herself on the beach or elsewhere. It could be a thong bikini, black, red, blue any color, just as long as it gave us Martha fans some more sexy, beauty to behold in the form of her shapely body, with a clinging bikini swimsuit....POOF!

Anyways back to reality, Martha MacCallum aka "Martha Mac" is definitely one hot MILF women news anchor on the Fox News channel. The bluish-eyed blond Martha captivates male viewers with her sexy legs and amazing body as she delivers the headlines and news stories. Just in her prime, Martha was born back in 1964 in Wyckoff, New Jersey. The leggy Martha MacCallum co-hosts “The Live Desk” on Fox News Channel usually during mid-day. Martha joined Fox News in 2004, and did work on CNBC Morning Call as well. No matter where she goes, she still gives us hot images on the TV screen.

She also does some work as a fill-in guest host on the Mike & Juliet show, filling in when Juliet Huddy is out. No offense to Juliet but I actually love those days because Martha isn't shy about wearing short sexy skirts to show off her legs and sometimes her feet. (Note: Mike & Juliet's show was canceled earlier in the year, but reruns will continue to be shown through 2009)

Here's some of my favorite Martha MacCallum pictures showing her legs, booty and bust. Yes Martha is the total package with a winning smile and pretty face like no other...Now let's hope that some of those mouthwatering, sexy Martha MacCallum bikini swimsuit pics show up online soon!

martha maccallum breasts tight sweater

martha maccallum breasts tight sweater 2
(Martha's tight brown sweater shows bra, hugs breasts)

martha maccallum white pants booty butt pic
(Martha shows off her booty in tight white pants)

martha maccallum upskirt
(Martha's upskirt on Mike & Juliet Show)

As you can see Martha MacCallum is booty-ful from all angles...

Bonus: Here's a shot of Martha and sexy Julie Banderas who has a few bikini pics showing off some leg on Fox News!

julie banderas and martha maccallum

See more of your favorite sexy pics!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dari Alexander Legs on Fox & Friends 8/11 - 8/12/09

Fox News made a smart two day substitute hosting move on August 11th and 12th 2009 when they brought in sexy Dari Alexander to fill-in for Gretchen Carlson. And fill-in she did, in two stunning dresses showing off her legs and thighs. In the Dari Alexander photos collage you can see just how sexy Dari Alexander's legs truly are!

You'll notice that Fox & Friends co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy don't mind sharing the couch with her at all and even the Judge seems to want Dari to take a seat on his lap..why not? With legs, vibrant energy, sex appeal, and a tight body like that what male wouldn't? The hot Fox affiliate news anchor is right in her prime at age 40 as of October 2009, but sadly is married with two kids...That's one very lucky man.

Dari unfortunately is not a regular for Fox News any more but we just might see her appear on there from time to time (fingers crossed). If you watch the news in New York you may see her regularly on the Fox affiliate station WNYW. Dari works the 5PM and 10PM night time shifts, often having to endure some hilarious bloopers from her male co-anchor, Ernie Anastos. See sexy Dari Alexander's profile for the MYFOXNY station's website here.

You can watch a nice YouTube video montage someone put together to showcase Dari Alexander's body of work below:

Want to be Dari's Facebook friend? Dari Alexander's got Facebook so feel free to add her!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Courtney Friel Swimsuit - Bikini Photos

Courtney Friel is easily one of my favorite Fox News Women Anchors. She's appeared in both FHM and Maxim photo shoots in lingerie or bikinis. That was back during her days from World Poker Tour. Courtney's still a major babe on the Fox News Channel whenever she gets on camera. She's been on the hot night time comedy news show, Red Eye w/Greg Gutfield. On there, Courtney appeared in a sexy segment called "Ab News" which featured Courtney doing ab exercises on the floor while Greg read news headlines. Definitely a site to see!

Enjoy the Courtney Friel Swimsuit & Bikini photos below found on various websites including Photobucket. They show Ms. Friel showing off her sexy body in a pink bikini, red bikini, black bikini swimsuit and more! (By the way she reportedly yanked these pics off her website as soon as she was hired by the Fox News channel).

Courtney Friel Swimsuit Bikini Photos

courtney friel red swimsuit bikini

courtney friel pink bikini crouching pose

courtney friel black bikini

Courtney Friel definitely has some sexy legs and an incredible body...Let's hope she continues appearing on Fox News Channel!