Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jill Dobson sexy legs on Red Eye!

jill dobson red eye sexy hot
jill dobson

Fox News Anchor woman, Jill Dobson, stopped by late night show Red Eye the other night where she discussed a variety of topics including Tiger Woods. She also showed off one sexy pair of legs in a short black skirt while sitting at the table. The show host Greg Guttfield even commented that puppies had formed an "I hate Jill" group because she was cuter than them.

Dobson will be 32 this year (born November 8, 1977), and is a previous Miss Michigan USA 2000 winner. She competed in Miss USA in 99' and placed in the top ten. Jill, who started with Fox News in 2007, regularly does work for the Fox News prime time shows, and currently is listed as an entertainment correspondent. Her on-air appearances include Fox and Friends, The Live Desk, Hannity and Colmes and the O'Reilly Factor. Jill isn't just beautiful as she has the brains to go with it. She received both a bachelor's and master's degree from Michigan State University. She also got her start working as a general assignment reporter for WLNS, a CBS affiliate in Lansing, MI and was editor-at-large for Star Magazine.

Jill Dobson's got the classic, sexy and hot blond with blue eyes look going for her. The Jill Dobson pics below showcase Jill in a hot black short skirt, from 2 different episodes of the Fox News program Red Eye with Greg Guttfield. In the pics below you'll see just why the Fox News Anchor woman is a popular sight to see on the Fox News channel!

jill dobson sexy legs red eye

jill dobson sexy legs red eye 2

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