Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kimberly Guilfoyle sexy photos & caps!

kimberly guilfoyle glasses pic prosecutor
(Kimberly Guilfoyle in her sexy prosecutor costume)

What makes Kimberly Guilfoyle sexy as a Fox news contributor on shows like Geraldo at Large is the fact she's not your average "news bimbo" so to speak. She's strikingly gorgeous, and also a former prosecutor who's extremely intelligent as well as quick-witted. She's got a sassy on-air attitude when debating topics and amazing lips, not to mention one heckuva body. And oh yeah, don't forget she's a former Victoria Secret underwear and lingerie model!

Kim was born on March 9, 1969 making her 40 years old at the time of this post. She had previous jobs with Court TV, CNN and ABC, before coming to work for Fox News Channel. Before her television days she worked as a catalog model for both Macy's and Victoria's Secret lingerie. She went on to become a prosecutor in San Fransisco, but was fired in 1996 when DA Terence Hallinan was elected to office and fired 14 prosecutors. Kim went back to her SF prosecutor job in 2000 and worked on a wide variety of cases involving murder, arson and narcotics.

Ms. Guilfoyle was previously married to San Fransisco mayor Gavin Newsom, but they divorced in 2005. She married furniture heir Eric Villency in 2006. Villency and Guilfoyle officially split as of June 2009. Not a smart move to divorce this Fox news babe, but hey the rest of the male population isn't complaining that she's single and in her prime!

With Fox, Kimberly is mainly an anchor for Geraldo at Large, but has been seen on other shows including Rey Eye and Fox & Friends on occasion. And by seen we mean Kimberly Guilfoyle legs, cleavage and luscious lip shots as she spits forth legal knowledge and debates the hot news topics!

Below you'll see some hot and sexy Kimberly Guilfoyle (non-naked) photos, pics and screen caps from Fox News. We've yet to uncover any Kimberly Guilfoyle lingerie pictures of this hot babe in her bra and panties yet, but if anyone's seen any feel free to leave a link in the comments below!

kimberly guilfoyle cleavage

kimberly guilfoyle lips mouth fox news babe
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kimberly guilfoyle legs

kimberly guilfoyle red eye legs


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